Download the 4 Needs at Work Mini-Guide

As a "Dealing with Goliath" listener, I'm excited to offer you this mini-guide. In my episode, I mention that one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is learning to name our needs. This is a step to get you started.

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    Why Name Your Needs?

    Too many of us live in a world where having needs at all is a problem. In both our personal and professional lives. But in the vast majority (not all) of workplaces, our individual needs come second to the company's needs (because of these barriers within dominant culture). We live in a space of fear and scarcity. Where if we're real humans, we'll lose our jobs.

    About Survival Responses

    Every day we spend hours at work interacting with a lot of other nervous systems. We need to approach ourselves and each other with care.

    The 4 Needs at Work

    What are the 4 Needs at Work? How do we get started talking about them? This Mini-Guide will walk you through your first steps.